Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Facebook: The history of the global revolution

Creator Mark Zuckerberg

As Facebook undergoes yet another change in layout we take a look at the history of this global social-networking phenomenon.

The Beginning

February 2004
A group of Harvard students set up the social networking site as a way of helping friends stay in touch after graduation. These founders were Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin, Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin. The initial site was

September 2004
The wall applications was added to allow people to leave messages for friends that others could read
At the same time the groups application was also added to allow people to unite under a shared interest.

December 2004
Nearly 1 Million people had active Facebook accounts.

Growth in America

March 2005
More than 800 college networks had become available to join.

September 2005
American High school networks were added


October 2005
International school networks were added
The photo application was also added.

December 2005
More than 5.5 Million people had active accounts

April 2006
Facebook became accessible anywhere with the mobile application being launched

September 2006
News feeds are added

December 2006
Over 12 million people had active accounts

April 2007
Over 20 million users.

May 2007
Facebook platform launches with 65 developer partners and 85 applications.
Marketplace applications for classified listings was added.

October 2007
Microsoft bought a 1.6% share in the company for $240 million. This also included a worldwide advertising deal.
Reaches over 50 million users.

World Domination

February 2008
Facebook was launched in Spanish and French

March 2008
Facebook was launched in German

April 2008
Facebook chat was launched to enable users to talk to each other via instant messaging

August 2008
100 Million users

December 2008
Facebook tries and fails to buy twitter

January 2009
150 Million users

February 2009
Facebook pays out a reported $65 Million to a group who claim that Zuckerberg stole the idea from former classmates

March 2009
Over 175 Million people now have Facebook
47% of the British population are now active users on the site.

Facebook undergoes yet another make

What will tommorow bring for facebook?